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Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Merrill Lynch and INC Magazine
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The life story of Robert Bell is both inspirational and educational. The transformation of a street smart middle class kid into the "Sun King", the founder of the Banana Boat brand and the man who helped create the sun care industry, is remarkable. It's also classic Americana: Robert Bell's rise from a teenage lifeguard to industry titan encapsulates the passion and power of the American Dream. One cannot help but feel inspired by Bell's triumph over multiple adversities to attain astonishing success.

Always the maverick, Bell grew up as a rebel (and sometime trouble-seeker) in a tough middle-class Miami neighborhood. While his older brotherFootball and younger sister were excelling at  academics, there was some concern about Bell's future. However, with his success in high school athletics, primarily football (which he later pursued further in college and beyond -- even playing semi-Pro for a while), his life began to turn around. He developed an indomitable work ethic and a fearless entrepreneurial spirit.

Having worked as a lifeguard and pool boy for most of his teen years, he developed a strong passion for sun care products (then known as "sun tan" products). Always a man of action, he began concocting his own lotions, often to the great delight of vacationers at the hotels and beaches where he worked. He daydreamed of building his own sun care brand and, while he was still in college, he did just that.

In remarkably short order, Bell proceeded to build the Banana Boat sun care brand from, literally, a garage operation to the global consumer products giant that it still is to this day. After making several fortunes in the sun care industry, Robert Bell proceeded to make several more in real estate and other industries. Impressively, in the midst of all this intense business activity, Bell has maintained a high level of physical and emotional well-being. Through frequent exercise, meditation, and quality time with friends and loved ones, he has managed to preserve a healthful balance of mind, body, and spirit. 

Most recently, he has also become the director of a successful Hollywood film production company. Aside from the astonishing commercial success that he's had across multiple industries, his groundbreaking introduction of high SPF sunscreens and other "Sun Health" innovations put his products in the front line in the battle against skin cancer. As evidenced by his recent invention of an internal sun care technology, he remains deeply committed to fighting this scourge with innovative sun protection formulas.

In recognition of both his business success and his role in the fight against skin cancer, Robert Bell has been honored by both President Bush (Sr.) and President Clinton. He is also the recipient of Merrily Lynch/Ernst & Young/Inc Magazine's prestigious "Entrepreneur of the Year" award, listed in Entrepreneur Magazine's "Top 40 under 40", and has also been inducted into the American Entrepreneurs' Hall of Fame. A statue of his likeness is on display at the Florida International University Hall of Fame where he is honored as a distinguished alumnus.  Bell has been sought after as a business speaker and consultant across the world and he has assisted hundreds of successful companies in multiple industries as both a consultant and an investor. In short, Robert Bell is acclaimed as one of America's premier business leaders.

Not surprisingly, there have been many inquiries about a book chronicling the real-life business adventure that is Robert Bell's life. Entrepreneurs across the country and around the world have waited patiently for such a book. Now, with the publication of "From Lifeguard to Sun King", a Wall Street Journal Bestseller, that wait has ended: (Click here to learn more )